Ph.D. candidate, Entomology, McGill University (Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC) (January 2010-present)
The functional ecology of ground-dwelling arthropod assemblages in northern Canada
Advisor: Dr. Christopher Buddle

M.Sc., Biology, Carleton University (Ottawa, ON) 2005
Thesis: “Host plants, biology and chemical ecology of the introduced lily leaf beetle, Lilioceris lilii Scopoli (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)”
Advisor: Dr. Naomi Cappuccino

B.Sc. Hons., Biology, Carleton University (Ottawa,ON) 2003
Thesis: “The effects of an invasive alien vine, Vincetoxicum rossicum (Asclepiadaceae) on arthropod populations in old fields”
Advisor: Dr. Naomi Cappuccino

Research Experience

Recherche et Transfert de Technologie, Collège D’Alfred (Alfred, ON) May 05 – Aug 05
Research Technician

  • Supported field and laboratory studies of insect diversity associated with forage crops and cow pastures on organic dairy farm (collection, identification, and preservation of specimens)
  • Developed and implemented protocol for field sampling and laboratory work
  • Maintained data sets, conducted statistical tests and prepared data for publication

Carleton University, Department of Biology (Ottawa,ON)
Sep 03 – May 05
Laboratory Assistant/M.Sc. Candidate

  • Evaluated viability of native Ontario plants as hosts for an alien invasive horticultural pest
  • Conducted lab and greenhouse studies of larval development/viability with novel hosts, host preference, feeding behaviour, oviposition site/host preference
  • Examined chemical ecology of lily beetles and cultivated lilies; conducted predator bioassays

Carleton University, Department of Biology (Ottawa,ON)
May 02 – Sep 03
Laboratory Assistant/B.Sc. Candidate

  • Described arthropod feeding guilds associated with invasive alien plan
  • Initiated studies of host specificity and host-shifting of milkweed fauna to novel invasive plant host
  • Evaluated potential biological control agents for invasive alien weed
  • Supported studies of invasive plant diversity, including collection and preparation of voucher specimens

Ontario Universities Program in Field Biology (Lamanai Research Center, Belize)
May 2001
Student/Research Assistant – Tropical Ecology of Bats

  • Participated in studies of bat biodiversity: conducted mist-netting, field identification of bat species, generated data base of biological traits (age, sex, etc.)
  • Collected ectoparasites from captive bats
  • Used high-frequency detection/recording to identify species and monitor feeding behaviour

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